I offer a variety of services aimed to help managers with their spaces, including assessment & evaluation for construction and extension projects, development of strategies for different stages of projects, assessment of installations, assistance in the implementation of network installations and IT equipment, video surveillance and documentation service. 

consulting service: I offer different consulting services for companies, architects and managers of relevant departments:

  • assessment of planned installations with emphasis on design and technical systems
  • evaluation of plans provided by architects
  • time & resource management, as well as budget and cost control
  • professional support throughout projects with architects, technical system planners (for air conditioning, heating, electrical, etc.), landlords and construction workers 
  • expansion and optimisation of existing office space and usage
  • design and implementation of business and service level agreement strategies for hospitality services (e.g. guest internet, business TV, product placement and digital signage solutions)

CAD drawings: I provide professional CAD drawings for planned installations in the desired space. I am able to draw interior proposal as well as detailed technical plans for further construction processes.

network installation: As a trained professional for network installations, I assess networks according to ISO11801,  ISO14763, EN50173, EN50174, EN50346 and ISO14763-3, and cabling according to EN50575 and EN50399. I specialise in planning or improving infrastructure in data centres according to regulation EN50600. 

I collaborate with the tech departments of my clients to improve their existing IT infrastructure and to implement new installations in office environments, industrial complexes or hospitality solutions. In addition, I offer Wireless LAN implementation in a variety of settings. I am highly experienced in devising complex IP-based solutions for new or existing spaces, such as LAN, WiFi, IPTV, connected TV, DECT & IP-based phone systems and work desk applications.

international exhibition booths: Together with international brands, I develop and install exhibition booths, managing the installations of exhibitions across Europe. Past projects have included managing installations and optimised product placements for specific clients, and creating the infrastructure for digital signage systems at various fairs. 

video surveillance: I specialise in video surveillance systems by the industry-leading company Mobotix. Having completed training in their facilities, I successfully plan, implement and program high resolution surveillance systems. Previous projects concluded for my clients include consulting & planning for surveillance in large-scale industrial complexes, automated production processes, gas stations, retail store cash registers, as well as general video surveillance for residential and hospitality spaces. In addition, I offer specific solutions for related services, such as: 

  • video counting
  • analysis of walkways for product placement optimisation 
  • connected light solutions in combination with video surveillance
  • door access and intercom systems

documentation service: to safeguard a smooth construction and handover of construction projects, as well as the sustainable maintenance of the spaces, I design templates and protocols for key documentation. These include:

  • site surveys for pre-construction evaluation
  • regular progress reporting
  • technical provisioning requests
  • site acceptance and handover guide
  • on-site mapping of network installations
  • intervention reports

In the past, I successfully developed and upgraded documentation for clients, covering a wide range of industries including hospitality, retail and call and data centres. The templates I developed were highly valued by my clients and continue to be used by the respective companies.


I offer project management for your space, from the initial conception to handover.

My expertise is in creating concepts for open offices spaces based on productivity, functionality and personality. 

This service is aimed for companies that are looking to improve their existing space or who plan to move to new or bigger offices. I also collaborate with architects or managers of companies in charge of space improvement, refurbishments or new construction.

My extensive experience in working with a great diversity of clients from all over the world has enabled me to adapt easily to different project management methods, leadership styles, tasks, clients and teams.

Through previous projects, I have established an effective workflow: in first steps, initial meetings allow me to evaluate the needs of my clients and to discuss expectations and preliminary ideas. Next based on this evaluation, I devise unique concepts and forward-thinking solutions, presenting my customers with a proposal for creating their desired space.

When creating your proposal, I will prioritise three main aspects in creating a welcoming space that impresses and inspires: 

> design

> sustainability of the space

> handling & operation

When drafts are accepted and finalised, I will partner up with local architects to plan the implementation, arrange permits and personally supervise the construction site while ensuring that budget and time requirements are successfully met. Throughout the construction process, I collaborate with all relevant departments of the company to plan a smooth transition into the new space. 

My strong technical background ensures that I place a high emphasis on key systems, including electrical, lighting, network and security installations, as well as fire protection systems. I excel at integrating modern systems with classical design. Using my forward-thinking approach and strong solutions-oriented attitude, I am able to create a valuable and welcoming environment to work in.

In addition to providing these services for workplace environments, my portfolio includes projects in residential spaces, hospitality, retail and industrial contexts, as well as call and data centres, and SOHO (small office & home office) projects.


For projects in Germany, my services can be summarised as helping partners with phase 1-3 and 5-9 of the HOAI. Phase 4 (arranging permits) is delivered only in cooperation with local partners.